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It is better to prevent a lockout or lock malfunction than to fix it. Our expert Liverpool locksmiths are not only able to fix the door lock, but also carry out its maintenance, check its operating quality or eliminate other trifling lock & key problems.

Garage gates, padlocks and internal locks can fail, jam or rust, basically, wear and tear with time. This will not allow you to open the locks yourself without calling for professional assistance.
Our skilled locksmith in Liverpool 24/7 will solve your issue and help to avoid its occurrence in the future.

Are you locked out? Do not panic - call our emergency locksmith service - our certified locksmith will open the door lock of your apartment or house fast and with no damage, saving time and money.

We have been working on the British locksmith market for over 10 years, we have gained invaluable experience and the reputation of first-class, highly trained Liverpool locksmiths. We offer 24 hr emergency locksmith services in Liverpool 7 days a week providing trust and safety on both banks of the River Mersey in Liverpool.

Short statistics based on our experience illustrating our work in different Liverpool Hubs in the previous years.

The total number of locksmith services carried out by Top Locksmith Liverpool in 2010 - 2020.

Progressive Locksmith

If you follow all the recommendations of our expert locksmiths in Liverpool, safety and sturdy protection of your home are guaranteed.

We know and love our work and had helped to install and repair hundreds of thousands of locks. Our technicians have seen a lot of different stories, funny and unfortunately sad. That formed the basic rules for customer service and improved the skills and techniques that we use today to make the life of honest citizens more comfortable and secure.

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Constant changes oblige us to stay up-to-date and learn. We implement the latest lock and key solutions for home security and non-destructive techniques into our day-to-day service and training. Thus, our customers can take advantage of innovative locksmith services we offer.

Consult our mobile locksmith Liverpool area about a number of locksmith services. Digital locks and digital key for timed or permanent access sent straight to the smartphone, voice control functionality and damage-free ways to open your locked property.

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Liverpool locksmith cost is the first question we all usually ask.

What you can expect from Top Locksmith Liverpool:

  1. Reasonable prices
  2. We accept cash and credit cards
  3. We operate daily 7 days a week
  4. No hidden fees


Most times the price greatly depends on the materials rather than skills. For instance, uPVC door and window locks, despite all the advantages, they have high cost and complicated installation and low resistance to tampering. To increase reliability, a metal reinforcing patch should be installed around the perimeter of the doorway. This reflects on the price as well because it makes the installation more difficult.

Find us near you: we cover Liverpool, UK, L36, Liverpool Hubs, Liverpool Hub 1, Prescot, Fairfield, Birkenhead, Wallasey, Melling, Eccleston, Saint Helens, Sutton Manor, Bebington, Wirral and surroundings.

Dear customer you should remember!

Saving on the door locks can cost you a lot. It could not only make your house vulnerable to intruders but be a reason for the frequent repairs and eventually a call to Liverpool emergency locksmith if the lock jammed.

Top Locksmith Liverpool is your trusted local locksmith with no extra charge. Contact us on 07403 215737.

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